SOD Builders Inc. is a full service construction company that is committed to making your building and renovation projects simpler. Our exclusively in-house team includes every professional that you may need from the foundation to interior design work. We provide the crucial service of helping homeowners and business owners with the expertise needed to build, add to, and maintain their homes and business facilities.

Our in-house interior designer is highly trained in all aspects of making your home or office look perfect. They are able to take the space we create and make it look better than you could have ever imagined. We truly do follow each job from start to finish and are dedicating to ensuring that you love the results. Call today to ask about our full service building and design options!

When you hire someone to take over a big project, it can feel intimidating if you aren’t sure what to expect. That’s why, at SOD Builders, we give you online access to a detailed schedule of your project so that you always know exactly what’s happening.  You will have a personal username and login to our online database that gives you full access to our todo list, upcoming events, and current schedule. We want every client to feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process and we go above and beyond to achieve your complete satisfaction. Call Us Today for a Free Estimate!


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